Real estate Recovery



CMI and each of its Senior Associates successfully navigated through the 1980’s commercial real estate cycle in Texas-yet we are keenly  aware that  the current cycle is uncharted;  thus, we employ a “team” oriented approach by combining the knowledge and skills set of all of our Associates which provides for a more objective and effective representation. 


 CMI serves and has served financial institutions, insurance companies, lenders and private investors in the take-over/ transition, management, leasing and disposition of their commercial properties. 


 CMI is an Accredited Management Organization; the AMO designation recognizes excellence among real estate management firms and only 505 firms worldwide currently hold this accreditation. We are a company with a unique philosophy, qualifications and exceptional people trained in real estate operations and who are committed to serving their clients’ needs. 


 At CMI, we solve problems. We understand that each asset and marketplace is unique; flexibility and creativity are vital tools in accomplishing goals and offering solutions to particular issues. Our approach is to listen to the client and assist them in establishing their needs, determine the best possible way to meet these needs, and then work effectively and efficiently to meet these goals. 



 Central Management, Inc. (CMI) was founded by Houston real estate professional Vic Vacek in 1978. With over 41 years of dedicated Commercial Real Estate experience and licensed in Texas and Oklahoma, the CMI team thoroughly understands the intricacies of the Houston and Dallas Real Estate markets in a way that few others do. This familiarity offers real estate investors an edge both from a leasing and an asset management perspective 


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